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We teach individually, as well as groups. In a usual singing class we will start with warming your voice up, then sing some songs through and introduce you to new ones that would suit your voice or the genre you like. We can work on developing your voice and tone, as well as your musical ability - preparing you for auditions and exams if you wish.

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If starting from a beginner level, some of it will be quite theoretically based to begin with, alongside note learning etc. We would work through books and then start learning pieces that you enjoy. For young children, learning the piano fits well with elements they are learning at school. However, if you just want to learn for fun and maybe struggle to fit it into your schedule - then how about dedicating this hour to piano and yourself.

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We create a repertoire for you based around if you are wanting to prepare for auditions & performances or perform for fun. We tailor our lessons to your needs. Who doesn't love a good sing song!?

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Join our children's choir! We rehearse one Saturday a month at our studio & we offer optional performances throughout the year for participants. Only £5 a month! Contact us to book in for your free trial session.

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In French class, the ultimate aim is to have the full hour's class in French! However if you're a beginner we would start with the basics such as grammar exercises as well as incorporating the speaking element into the class in order to build your confidence speaking the language. While conversing in French it is also a good way in which we can address areas that may need to be looked at within the language, then we can solidify these.

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We offer workshops in schools, this could be singing together or mentoring people to make music as a team or individually. We can also offer tailored workshops to suit the needs of people with SEND.

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We offer term time classes & one off workshops in nurseries. We experiment how we can use our voices as instruments to create different soundscapes. We also introduce them to other instruments, such as bells to teach fundamental skills to children.

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